Carole Lynn Steiner
and Company LLC






Founded in 1980, Carole Lynn Steiner and Company, LLC is a private company representing international companies primarily in infrastructure and remediation work and has been under contract to represent varied infrastructure divisions of General Electric, Halliburton, K.B.R., Tyco, Heil Company (a division of New York Stock Exchange-listed Dover Corporation), and other domestic and foreign companies. Carole Lynn Steiner and Company also facilitates corporate finance and acquisitions.

In June 2003 at a major meeting at the USTDA (U.S. Trade and Development Agency) headquarters outside Washington, D.C., the powerful Minister of Industry and the Economy from Romania told the assembled gathering of corporate leaders and the press that "Our Miss Carole Lynn is the most important American doing business in Romania and is the most important American in America to Romania."

NASDAQ breakfast and opening buzzer ceremony for the Prime Minister of Romania, Adrian Nastase, with Ms. Steiner, John Wall, International President of NASDAQ (left), the Prime Minister (center), and Hardwicke Simmons (right), Chairman of NASDAQ, with whom Ms. Steiner organized this event honoring the Prime Minister.

Ms. Steiner is known in many Washington and New York embassies as well as within the United States Department of Commerce and State Department. These embassies typically communicate with Ms. Steiner to meet Ambassadors, Ministers, and important business delegations.

September opening of the United Nations season: Ms. Steiner with Dr. Ali A.Treki, Ambassador from Libya, center, who has also served as President of the 64th General Assembly of the United Nations.

Major political dinner in Singapore given to honor Ms. Steiner. Mr. Freddie Lee - brother of Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew, Chief Justice Lai Kew Chai, Dr. Siew Leong Oh, and wives, with Ms. Steiner.

Business lunch in Thailand as organized by the Thai Ambassador to the United States.

Addressing a political club in Hong Kong at the World Trade Center.

New York Stock Exchange with Hall of Fame Duke University Head Basketball Coach Mike Krzyzewski, and, the Polish Trade Ambassador and his wife, with Ms. Steiner.